Customizable Carbons

We work with our customers to develop custom carbons to address specific needs.

About Us

Active Carbon Ltd is a leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of specialized activated carbons. When decision makers need assistance with environmental and non-environmental purification or treatment, they rely on us—a true industry partner focused on their needs.

Our core-competency is the manufacture of premier specialized activated carbons for gas and liquid phase treatments across a multitude of industries. Other associated carbons and related specialty products are our secondary areas of strength. Our products find applications across a diverse range of industries: domestic water purification, effluent water treatment, air treatment, respiratory protection, chemical processing, petrochemical refineries, nuclear technology, fertilizers, food, beverage, and solvent recovery etc.

Established in 1983, we are a privately held enterprise in Hyderabad, India. We are early entrants to the activated carbon space in India, and continue to develop innovative products for environmental and non-environmental applicability. We are able to consistently deliver on our high quality products because of our strong production and quality control standards, and our stringent commitment to customer satisfaction. Our differentiation lies in our ability to convey significant cost advantages to our customers, which we gain from our preferential location and manufacturing efficiencies.