Premier Specialized Activated Carbons

Customizable Carbons

We work with our customers to develop custom carbons to address specific needs.

Liquid Phase Applications

Water Treatment

Globally, the drinking water industry is responding to new developments and increased regulations. Microbial removal, treatment of inorganic contaminants, disinfection byproduct control, and improved analytical methods that can detect potentially harmful contaminants at part-per-trillion levels add to increased demands on water treatment. This, without escalating costs.

Activated carbon water treatment technologies offer effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally benign solutions to address key potable and groundwater treatment requirements.

Liquid Process Purification

Due to their high adsorption capacities and other functionalities including chemical reduction, catalysis, and carrier of biomass and chemical, activated carbons are widely used in many industrial separations.

Activated carbons prove effective in the chemical, refinery, food, and pharmaceutical industries to treat raw ingredients and finished products, especially in the removal of organic contaminants.