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Active Carbon India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of specialized activated carbons. When decision makers need assistance with environmental and non-environmental purification or treatment, they rely on us—a true industry partner focused on their needs.

Our core-competency is the manufacture of premier specialized activated carbons for gas and liquid phase treatments across a multitude of industries. Other associated carbons and related specialty products are our secondary areas of strength. Our products find applications across a diverse range of industries: domestic water purification, effluent water treatment, air treatment, respiratory protection, chemical processing, petrochemical refineries, nuclear technology, fertilizers, food, beverage, and solvent recovery etc.


Active carbon contains large amount of acid soluble inorganic material depending on the precursor and its source of origin. Active carbon has very high capacity to adsorb organics, inorganics, bad taste and odour material. Adsorption capacity is enhance by modifications such as acid washing because this modification removes the acid soluble inorganic materials from the carbon and make it more porous, efficient and useful for various liquid process applications such as waste water treatment, water purification, decolourisation process in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industry for many purposes such as decolourization of sugar, dechlorination, decaffeination, purification of organic compounds,etc.
We manufacture acid washed active carbons as per the customer requirements for the applications mentioned above.

Some of the benefits of Acid Wash carbon include Dechlorination of water, better taste, removal of bad odors, removal of color from water, removal of organic substances, etc. Acid wash carbon has extensive internal structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended operational life, high volume activity, and rapid pH stabilization.
Acid wash carbon is used in various applications such as Condensate de-oiling, semiconductor process water, and protection of reverse osmosis membranes from chlorine and organic fouling.

ACG-50 (Acid Washed)
ACG-60 (Acid Washed)


We have the breadth of product offerings to provide complete solutions for your activated carbon needs.

Our differentiation lies in our ability to convey significant cost advantages to our customers, which we gain from our preferential location and manufacturing efficiencies.

We work with our customers to develop custom carbons to address specific needs.


Active carbons are porous carbonaceous materials. Active carbons are generally classified as amorphous materials but they are microcrystalline as their large part is graphitic. Active carbons are well known for their high adsorption capacity for metals, liquids, gases, etc. and adsorbs them through physisorption and chemisorption. Active carbons are best sorbents for adsorption and absorption and used in water purification, gas adsorption for air purification, pharmaceutical industry, in various chemical processes as catalyst after modification or for purification, etc.

Active carbons are manufactured by carbonizing and activating the organic substances of biological origins. Carbonisation is generally carried out at temperature around 600 degree C while physical or chemical activation is performed at higher temperatures from 800 -1100 degree C. Development of porous structure and adsorption characteristics, yield, etc of active carbons depend on the manufacturing of carbon and mainly affected by the activation process.

We manufacture highly efficient active carbons as per customer’s requirements from wood and coconut shell charcoal using steam as an activating agent. Our range of carbon products is very large as we manufacture low CTC to very high CTC material to suit the requirements with and without modification by carrying out the impregnations. Our active carbons are highly suitable for water purification, gas adsorption to accomplish air purification, pharmaceutical industry, etc due to unique adsorption characteristics based on custom designing of iodine number, CTC, porous structure, hardness, high surface area, impregnations of metal salts/ impregnants, MB values, carbon manufacturing process with consistent quality as all the quality parameters are monitored hourly basis during bulk production of carbons or their impregnations.

ACIPL, Hyderabad is a premier active carbon production organisation of India, where customer satisfaction is the prime motive and that we accomplish by manufacturing and supplying various types of active carbons with consistent quality not only to Indian users but also globally.

Our manufacturing range of products is quite large and this includes active carbons, carbon blocks, powdered active carbon, Military and Nuclear grade carbons, etc for water and purification, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, etc. We manufacture our products to maintain the confidence of our esteemed customers and work untiringly for progressing and growing together with them.


At ACIPL, we hold the quality of our product to its highest standards. Since the factory began, we have strived to continuously improve our processes to provide the best quality of products to our customers.

The safety of our workforce and cleanliness of our workspace is an important priority for us.

Rigorous testing is well integrated into our manufacturing process to bring our client the highest quality product. We are compliant with all the major testing standards, including ASTM and BSS.

Our in-house labs are equipped for the testing of customer samples on a daily basis. Our stringent quality checking process includes periodic checks at all stages – Raw material, screening, kiln parameters, processing and final packing.

We have a strong team of highly experienced scientists and consultants to research, develop and customize new products.

All our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Active Carbon India Pvt Ltd received the Defence Technology Absorption Award in 2006 from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for its significant contribution in successful adsorption of the technology for the production of NBC canisters and impregnated carbon for the Indian Army, in a record time.

Dr. V. Jagan Mohan Reddy, founder of ACIPL receiving the award.

Connect With Us

Head Office

G1, K-5, Kimtee Colony, Road No. 12,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, India

Manufacturing Plant

#9 Mankhal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad,
Telangana, India

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